Carpet is an excellent choice for your home

Carpet is an excellent choice if looking for the most comfortable floor covering. Underfoot softness is a common trait in this product line. But many other great features and benefits should work well in your home.

This is always a great choice and decor match if you need impressive visuals. But it's also useful if you need a durable option for pets or children. And the more you find out about added benefits you can use, the better decisions you can make.

Visual appeal in every room

Carpet brings beautiful visuals wherever it's installed for decor matching that works. Enjoy solid colors, designs, patterns, and fiber types for various appeals. No matter what look you want or need, there's carpeting that matches.

Current trends can help create a fantastic look that will keep you current for years to come. Neutrals, bold options, and more help hone the look and feel that works best for you. And many options create ambiance and mood where it's needed the most.

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Fiber choice is important

There are several different fibers to choose from for your carpet installation. And each one offers different characteristics for you. Some are better than others for specific settings, so find out everything you can about each one.

Some fibers are naturally stain-and-crush resistant, such as nylon and polyester. But some brands are now adding built-in stain protection to their products. These are perfect for retaining both good looks and beautiful appearances together.

More durability equals longer lifespans

Built-in stain protection means more than having a great-looking floor. Better performance also translates into a longer lifespan. And over time, a carpet like this can create significant savings.

It's essential to care for your floors regularly. Vacuum as necessary and clean up spills as soon as they happen. And carpet cleaning should happen about once every 12 to 18 months for best results.
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